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Customized Massage Therapy 


Because you are one of a kind, so should your massage session.  Our Signature Customized Massage is tailored to you and your healthcare needs.  Whether it is relaxation or specific therapeutic work, we focus on you.  

To enhance your goals during session, your therapist may use Hot Stones, Cupping Therapy, Aromatherapy, Magnesium Therapy, Hot & Cold Therapies complimentary in every session. 

Thank you to our Heroes! All police, firefighter, EMS, teachers and military receive a 10% discount on services.

Massage Table

Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage  $55

60 Minute Massage  $100

90 Minute Massage $135

Prenatal Massage $100

Cupping Therapy $75

Herbal Thai Compress Massage $140

Couples 60 Mins $200 

Couples 90 Mins $270

Glow Getter Facial Mask & Massage $75

Your Treatment is one of a kind at Houma Massage Co.

Bath Salts and Oils


Cryotherapy Ice Cups (Spot Treatment)~ Included 

Hot Stones ~ Included 

Sugar Scrub (back) ~ $10

Sole Scrub (feet) ~ $10

Scalp Treatment ~ $15

Lymph Body Brushing ~ $15

Back or Leg Mud Wrap ~ $15

Pure Glow Facial Steam ~ $15

Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative Treatment- Hands & Feet ~ $20

Cupping Therapy Add on ~ $25

Scrub & Mud Back Revival ~ $25

Hot Bamboo Fusion Therapy ~ $25

Cold Stone Facial Massage ~ $25

Glow Getter Facial Mask and Massage ~ $55

Sweat & Gleaux Sauna Wrap ~ $55

The Foot Sanctuary ~ $55


Massage can help with what?

Relieve Chronic Pain/muscle tension

Sciatic Pain

Shoulder Impingement


Strained/Sore Muscles

Help with Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Treat Pregnancy discomforts

Reduce Stress related tension

Help with Sleep disorders

Help with injuries

Headaches & Migraines

Improve Circulation
To simply relax and much more...

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